The company was founded in the year 2009 in Taiwan, by a group of partners who share the love for energy technology and care for the Earth.The mission is to contribute to the Earth protection through the following means:

- By developing environmental friendly products, providing an economic solution for users, not requiring investing a large sum of money to enjoy the energy saving benefits.
- Research and Development to reduce greenhouse gas emission by innovative technology.
- In 2010 our department of Research and Development released products that achieved international certifications which are officially published.

Our company cares about conserving the rare and valuable national treasures of Taiwan. Board-tailed swallow tail concept and extend the protection of Taiwan’s beautiful ecology culture.Taiwan’s board-tailed shallow tail inspires our logo design. We look forward to further contributions to the world, beginning from Taiwan, by promoting the environmental protection of our beautiful Earth.

All Win Green Power Technology systems have the characteristics of the wild boar of Taiwan, having a strong power, light weight and being flexible. Moreover being extremely long life. Our systems have a deep cultural significance, also, represents the glory of Taiwan’s technology.