Pure electric power system

- Customizable production and supply.
- Stable drive.
- Long distances drive 100km at 40 km/h.
- Silent while using.
- Compact installation.
- Uphill drive up to 19°.

Product usage:
- 3.0kw ~ 8.0kw commercial electric powered system tricycle.
- 3.0kw ~ 8.0kw Taxi / Delivery electric powered system tricycle.

Transmission specifications
Length x Width x Height (mm) 373 X 219 X 213
Weight (kg) 12.2
Matching Motor Power 3.0kw~8.0kw

Electric specifications
Length x Diameter (mm) 135x130
Weight (kg) 7.3
Type Brushless DC Motor
Rated voltage 48V
Rated torque 3.9 Nm
Rated speed 5000rpm
Rated power 3KW
Cooling method Air-cooled

Battery set specifications
Length x Width x Height (mm) 543x240x207
Weight (kg) 40
Specification Cell Module Pack
Type Swing5300 8P1S (EMS 155 Block) 16P14S
Capacity (Ah) 5.3 42.4 85
Voltage (V) 3.65 3.65 51
Max. charging current (A) 10.6 42 85
Max. discharge current (A) 13 100A 200A
Energy (Wh) 19.3Wh 155Wh 4.3kWh