Electric tricycle for business applications
- Safe for people and goods
- Efficient for delivering goods
- Customizable

Power system
- Accelerating stability
- Compact system integration

Drive system
- Nimble control
- Smooth and silent drive

- Nimble control
- Smooth and silent drive

In response to global warming, extreme weather, fuels supply and demand related with environmental polluting problems around the world. We are betting on energy saving vehicles. Developing innovative designs, productions and operations.

All Win Green Power Technology is fully committed to strategic planning and control of power management features and specifications of small powered systems for electric vehicles, including product designs, production development, manufacturing and sales.

Because Taiwan is advanced and mature enough in the motorcycle industry, we are able to develop this innovative technology, and we hope that governments around the world advance the active support on environmental protection industries. Our target are the world’s major metropolitan areas, improving the implementation of the use of (Non-air polluting delivery vehicles) to meet the needs of the fast growing home delivery and international logistic services. Moreover, we enhance in these industries with a more efficient and safe service, by creating an innovative motorcycle transformation that cares of environmental protection and enhances in new wise industry opportunities.


Formosan Wild Boar is our brand, which name makes reference to a Taiwanese endemic subspecies, which represents strength, braveness, agility and fast action (symbol of health and vitality). All Win Green Power Tech. High-end parts supply chain is established in Taiwan. Our goal is to introduce this advanced technology to the international markets. Our vehicle powered Systems are granted with high international competition and technology; moreover we offer high-quality and cost advantages. We expect to show Taiwan’s innovative technology contribution to the world on energy-saving vehicles.

Company vision / Our mission

Company vision:
To build the first low-power electric vehicle power system brand.

Our mission:
To improve the safety and efficiency of home delivery and logistics; and to create a friendly environment by promoting the use of low-power electric vehicles. Moreover to develop new business models related to our products.